Throughout August 2017, Siobhan Clancy led a school supply drive out of Navigant’s Chicago office. Thanks to generous contributions by her Chicago office colleagues, Siobhan donated 150 school supplies and 30 purchased backpacks to Child Link, a non-profit organization that provides supplies to foster children in kindergarten through eighth grade.

In addition to the supplies donated form this drive, Navigant’s recent Chicago office move resulted in a donation of more than 500 items (including three-ring binders, pens, pencils, highlighters, and folders) to Child Link. Thanks to the donations, Child Link will now have school supplies for roughly 200 of the 300-500 children that stay in their foster homes.

Siobhan remarked that her favorite part of each year’s drive is simply giving back to the kids and knowing that they’ll enter the school year with new supplies feeling like they belong with their peers.

“They don’t have much so every little bit counts,” said Siobhan. “Their excitement over something as small as a pen or a notebook is touching.”